Maintenance Tips

Your home could very well be one of the most expensive investments you own. On top of that, your personal comfort and safety depends on the upkeep of that investment. Maintenance becomes a critical key to both comfort and safety, not to mention, if you don't stay on top of your home's maintenance, little problems become big problems. The secret to preventing problems or catching small problems before they become disasters is to be organized.

Hopefully, this page will provide a little bit of organization that helps us all stay on top of important maintenance tasks. But before we begin getting organized I want to make some important generalizations we all need as reminders. We're not talking about making repairs on this page. We're talking about you understanding what's involved in the upkeep of your home, so excercise safety first and if you discover a problem during your maintenance, consult a professional. Also, everyday, be aware of any changes or starnge noises. You can't ignore them, hoping they'll go away. Be willing to take care of issues (no matter how big or small) as they arise. Be very aware of major weather changes and the effect weather can have on a home.

Inspect for damage
Trim trees if needed

Roof vents
Inspect for damage or birds nests

Inspect for damage to cap, flashing and masonry

Gutters and downspouts
Clean gutters
Make sure downspouts are attached and extended
Check facia boards behind gutters for moisture damage

General Exterior
Check condition of caulk and paint
Check for changes in grading close to the house

HVAC System
Schedule professional annual service

Check for signs of leaks, mildew, condensation and insulation needs

Clean coil and drain pan
Check drain

Range Hood
Clean filter
Wash fan blades

Bathroom exhaust fans
Clean grill and fan

Water heater
Test safety relief valve

Clean and seal as needed

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