"I wanted to thank you again for your inspection and the time you spent with me discussing what you found! You found areas in need of repair that I had not noticed, but you put it all in perspective for me. After we spent time going over your findings, I felt as though I knew exactly what I was buying!"
heath davis

"Don, your inspection was right on, and because of the roof assessment, we got a $18K discount on the selling price. yeah..."
kathy keller
"Thanks again Don. I thought I was taking advantage of knowing someone who would do my inspection, but you really went above and beyond my expectations! Choosing a house without the wife seeing it was nerve racking, but when I showed her your report all is well."
andy williams

"Hey, I know you thought I was crazy for ordering 2 inspections at the same time, for 2 houses that were only 3 houses apart but I was right huh! It made perfect sense for you to inspect the house we wanted so we knew what needed attention, just as it made sense to inspect the house we were living in so we knew what would help the house sell! You did an awesome job and I couldn't believe we got both reports that same evening. Thanks!"
brian hougen

"Great job! Very professional, polite and most of all patient with all of our questions. Thanks again, and we will be referring you to friends and family."
blake perkins

"Thank you so much! After loosing my husband, getting the house ready to sell just seemed overwhelming! Don't think I didn't notice the extra mile you went by not only giving me a clear report on the condition of the house but helping me get started on a job I didn't really want. Once you got Larry involved for me everything couldn't have gone smoother. We should have the house on the market by next month."
sherri moore

"Being an old union carpenter, I was proud of how I had kept the house up. When we got your report I loved telling my wife I told you so! Thanks again."
jesse copeland

"Great report, great service and thanks again for spending the extra time with us so we knew exactly what we were getting. Will definitely refer you to others."
jeremy pfeil

"Thanks Mr. Davison. I was impressed!"
monique silva

"I've been involved in real estate for years and buying here in Sugarland and not knowing anyone made picking you a shot in the dark (so to speak) and you can thank your website for that. But the time you spent with our family was more than anyone should ask for. We had a ball using your foundation level to check the house while you inspected it and your report was so thorough with pictures showing everything. It was great, and I will be using you again!"
cherie abrams

"Well I wouldn't use anyone else, and having you tell me the townhouse was in good condition was all I needed to hear! I feel like such a burden has been lifted! I'll never be able to thank you enough!"
sherri moore

"Mr. Davison, I just wanted to let you know we bought this house because of you! I didn't mention that the termite inspector showed me inside where water had come into the house, and we almost didn't even get your inspection because we thought we didn't want it any more. I'm so glad we went through with it. When you showed us how the deck could cause a drainage problem and then inside showed how there was evidence that there had been water inside the house we thought that was it! But then you spent the time going inside and out showing exactly what the problem was and how easy fixing the problem would be, we were sold! Thanks so very much!"
jesse & amber stephenson